Glucose Tolerance 2 Hour Test

Glucose Tolerance 2 Hour Test



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  • The Glucose Tolerance Test is not performed on patients known to be diabetic.
  • You should remain on a normal diet for at least 3 days before your test.
  • Do not take any corticosteroid medication in the morning before your test.  You can take other medications prescribed by your Doctor unless you have been told not to.
  • Inform the Phlebotomist if you have been unwell during the last 2 weeks.
  • The test should start no later than 10.00am.
  • You should remain relaxed before and during your test with normal quiet activity.
  • For accurate results you are asked to not smoke, eat or drink for 10 hours before your blood test and during the test.
  • A minimum of 10 hours fasting is required and no more than 16 hours.
  • If you are thirsty, you may drink plain water only
    • (No coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, lemonade , alcohol ,chewing gum or lollies)
  • An initial fasting blood sample will be collected and then you will be given a Carbotest drink.  After 2 hours another blood sample will be collected.
  • You need to stay at the Collection Centre for the entire test, approximately 2½ hours, so bring some reading material or other activity to pass the time.

Date Issued: 23/10/2018 PCS-PI-012

Authorised by: HOD, Patient Services