For Patients

Collection and transportation of Faecal Elastase, H.pylori antigen, Clostridium difficile and Faecal calprotectin


Important – Specimen labelling:

  • Ensure full first and last names and date of birth (dd/mm/yy) are clearly written on the specimen container
  • Ensure date and time of collection is written on the request form and specimen container

Specimen collection:

  • Ensure that bladder is empty by passing urine into the toilet so it does not contaminate the faeces.
  • Collect a fresh faeces specimen directly into a faeces container provided to you.
  • The scoop attached to the lid of the faeces container can be used to transfer the specimen
  • The minimum amount required is approximately 2g but no more than a half full container.

Storage and Transportation:

  • Place the labelled specimen and form into the bio-hazard bag that has been provided.
  • Refrigerate the specimen until transportation to the Collection centre.

Note: If more than one sample is required repeat the above procedure the following day and deliver the specimen to Labtests Collection Centre as soon as possible.

Date Issued: 08/07/2019 PCS-PI-026

Authorised by: HOD, Patient Services