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COVID-19 Pre-departure testing

Most travellers must now have a negative pre-departure test result and supporting documentation to travel overseas.

The following information is for people receiving their test at their GP or other medical practice. If you are getting your test through our Test to Travel service, the below information does not apply to you.

Due to the high volumes of public health response COVID-19 testing during the Omicron outbreak, Labtests requires all pre-departure COVID-19 travel testing from GPs or medical practices to be delivered directly to the laboratory to guarantee travellers receive their results in time. Delivery directly to the laboratory will ensure it is identified quickly.

  • Please ensure your collection time and date have been recorded on both the sample and the request form.
  • It must be transported directly to Labtests, Specimen Services, 37-41 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington.
  • This option is available Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm and Sunday: 9.30 am to 12.00 pm.
  • We cannot guarantee results will meet traveller’s required time-frames if tests are not delivered direct to the laboratory.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT deliver travel samples with any other tests – this only slows out process down. All other tests will be collected as usual. Please do not phone the contact centre to expedite results.

Read further information about the testing process below:

Test Process

You can now book and pay online to get your pre-departure test with Labtests. Our new Test to Travel service is available at our Mt Wellington collection centre – 37-41 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington

Learn more or start your booking here >>

Travellers can also contact their doctor or medical practice to arrange pre-departure testing. If you are not registered with a doctor or your doctor does not provide pre-departure testing, you can use the Healthpoint website to locate a practice that anyone can access.

If your test is collected by a doctor or medical practice, payment must be made directly to the medical practice for all associated costs of testing, including the laboratory analysis.

Your test is sent to our laboratory for testing and results are electronically submitted back to your doctor or medical practice. It is up to your doctor to provide you with your results.

If you book and pay directly online using our Test to Travel service, you will receive your results in the form of a verified Travel Certificate, which are sent directly to you in an email.

Time-frame for Testing and Results

Different countries have different time-frame requirements for when your pre-departure test is to be performed. These requirements have been changing quickly, so it is important you check the relevant destination websites for the most up to date information.

It is also recomended to check with your airline as to when they require you to present your evidence of a negative test. Some require travellers to present at check in, and not at take-off.

How quickly you will get your test results back will depend on:

  • Your proximity to our laboratory. How long it takes for your test to arrive at one of our laboratories will affect the turnaround time of your test.
  • Demand for community testing. If there is a surge in community testing, this can affect turnaround times for pre-departure testing.
Can I speed up my result?

To allow time for your test to be processed and resulted, it is recommended travellers arrange to be tested as soon as the destination country allows. For example, if your destination requires you to be tested within 72 hours of travelling, arrange to be tested close to that time period opening. 

Turnaround time for results can be improved if samples are sent directly to the laboratory (e.g. delivered by taxi or the passenger themselves) to Labtests, Specimen Services, 37-41 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington. This option is available Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm and Sunday: 9.30 am to 12.00 pm.


Pre-departure COVID testing is not publicly funded and must be paid by the traveller.

If booking and paying directly through Test to Travel, the sample collection and laboratory analysis for a PCR test is a single-fee of $145.00 incl GST. See the website for other options and express fees.

Travellers receiving their test from a doctor or medical practice must pay the whole fee directly to the medical practice. The cost of your test is set by the medical practice and includes our fee for the laboratory analysis.


Our laboratory is an Accredited Medical Testing Laboratories (SARS-CoV-2). For more information visit the IANZ accreditation directory.

Further Information

For queries relating to the laboratory testing process please contact info.commercial@aphg.co.nz