Labtests collection centre update – escalation to level 3

What does this mean for Labtests collection centres? All skin prick testing is suspended until further notice.Collections staff will wear a surgical mask, visor, and gloves.A two metre social distancing policy is now in place, both inside the waiting room and outside the door.Patients require masks to attend collection centres.Patients who have symptoms of a […]

Lab Update – Swab supplies for COVID-19 testing

In this period of increased demand for swabs for COVID-19 testing, there may be a requirement to substitute the swabs that are currently supplied.  The following swabs may be supplied to GPs and medical practices when an order is placed with Labtests.  NASOPHARYNGEAL SWAB – flexible flock swab and VTM NOBLE BIO – Clinical Virus […]

The Scope August 2020

In this issue: Requesting Calcitriol (1,250H Vitamin D3 )When a positive result means no problem: Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and DFS 70Secure Digital Communications – Replacement of faxesNotice of Chemistry Platform Change to Roche View The Scope August issue >>>

Lab Update – Secure Digital Communications

Replacement of Faxing In June 2019 the Ministry of Health and Accident Compensation Commission released a joint communique defining secure communication within the New Zealand health sector, specifically in regards to email and faxing. The two recommendations are: All emails be transmitted using Transport Layer Security (TSS) no later than January 2020.All analogue faxing to […]

Lab Update – Home Visits

REMINDER: Eligibility for funded Labtests home visit collection services as determined by the ARDHB is as follows: Patients (adults and minors) must be bedbound, have impaired mobility, mental or physical in nature, and have no support person to provide transport to a collection centre.Patients referred by Auckland’s Public Health Agency (ARPHS)Patients known/suspected to be contagious to any […]

COVID-19 Pre-departure – For Referrers

The Ministry of Health has advised laboratories and PHOs that COVID exit testing for repatriation to other countries pre-departure will not be funded by the NZ government from 22 June 2020. People registering for repatriation flights departing NZ will be made aware of any requirements around pre-departure testing by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and […]

Laboratory Update

Collection Centre updateSkin scraping for mycology testingMicrobiology update View the lab update >>

Molecular testing for STIs in the Auckland and Northland Community

Molecular testing for sexually transmitted infections in the Auckland and Northland Community A cluster of four unexpected STI results occurred at a single medical practice in March and May 2019. Investigations have determined that in all likelihood a contamination event occurred at the practice in March, leading to subsequent false positive results. Labtests will work […]