About us

About Labtests

Our Laboratory

Labtests has been providing pathology services to the Auckland community since August 2009 and is one of the few laboratories to achieve full IANZ accreditation in its first audit.

At Labtests we recognise the importance of highly qualified staff, inspired leadership together with advanced information technology and automation to achieve service excellence.

Our purpose-built, state of the art laboratory was designed for optimised efficiency.  As part of our approach we have invested in one of the world’s largest Siemens Labcell® system, which contains eleven analysers.

From the moment the test tube is placed on the track, the Siemens LabCell® is able to manage the sample, recognising precisely where it needs to go and then routing it for optimal efficiency. This reduces the number of steps required to sort, process and archive samples.

Labtests has also invested in a Sysmex Haematology Sample Tracking (HST) line that manages thousands of blood samples a day with minimal downtime and operator intervention. Once a sample is loaded, there is no technical intervention until results are validated.

By removing unnecessary physical handling of the samples, the HST line cuts down any room for human error, increases safety, accuracy, and speed. The modular, flexible design of the HST line also allows for unlimited expansion and updating as capacity or technology advances.

Labtests has invested in robust information technology systems. We have 100% redundant capacity built into our IT system to protect against system or equipment failures.

Our Services

Labtests puts patients first.  As part of our commitment to the Auckland region we have over 50 collection centres in addition to working with GP practices for the collection of samples.

As part of the Auckland Regional District Health Board (ARDHB) contract, we provide a range of pathology services for all GP’s, public hospital clinics and Midwives for diagnostic testing for eligible patients.  Labtests will also provide commercial services for non funded requests.

Our pathologists are available to provide all clinicians with expert advice and interpretation to assist in the patient’s ongoing management and care.

In addition to laboratory testing, we provide extended services at the request of health practitioners.

These include;

  • Specimen collection services
  • Courier pickup
  • A home visit specimen collection service for eligible patients
  • Continuing professional development education

Our Values

Labtests operates under the following STAR values;

Service Excellence

  • We strive to provide the highest standard of health care
  • We look for new opportunities/ways to improve our care and service
  • We seek to understand and exceed expectations

Teamwork and Integrity

  • Our workmates know they can rely on the team
  • We are open and honest in all our communications with each other
  • We embrace constructive feedback and recognise achievements
  • We earn each others’ respect and receive it in return


  • We look to the future, always ensuring that we have stable platforms from which to build
  • Continuous learning and creativity are integral to our jobs and the success of our company
  • We are proactive and innovative in response to new and emerging industry and community opportunities and needs


  • We are accountable to our colleagues, our patients and stakeholders, our company and our shareholders
  • Our decisions are made with a balanced focus on financial security and service excellence
  • Services are delivered in a way that incorporates the principles of Treaty of Waitangi and acknowledges cultural diversity.