Change to D-dimer phone reporting

Labtests is changing the phoning procedure for positive D-dimers.

Previously all positive D-dimers have been phoned through on the assumption that the D-dimer is being performed to rule out a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolus (PE) where the patient is deemed at low risk of DVT( Wells score <2) or  moderate risk of PE based on the Wells score/ PERC criteria.

However since the COVID-19 pandemic we have noticed a significant number of low positive results which are likely related to COVID-19/ Vaccination and simultaneously are experiencing increased difficulty phoning these results through to clinicians.

In order to improve the phoning of results we are requesting that clinicians let us know if a positive result will have an immediate clinical utility (i.e. needs to be phoned through if positive) and in these cases we are asking for a suitable phone number to be supplied. Please note the result will only be phoned through to the number supplied.

The eOrder form has been amended to include this information:

If using a paper based form this information will need to added to the clinical details.