URGENT – COVID-19 swab collection tubes

It has been brought to our attention that the transport media in a small number of the CITOSWAB® COVID collection tubes is appearing a different colour. Instead of the expected pink-red colour the liquid media is appearing a pale yellow-orange.

– The expected colour is pink-red (right-hand tube)
– The incorrect colour is a pale yellow-orange (left-hand tube)
See photograph right.

Our supplier is investigating the issue. Intermittent bacterial contamination appears to have occurred; however the contamination is not widespread. The change in colour indicates a change in the pH of the media, which has the potential to reduce nucleic acid amplification test sensitivity.
If the colour of the CITOSWAB® collection tube media has changed from the expected pink-red or if it appears turbid it cannot be used for COVID-19 or any other testing.
If the liquid media of any of the CITOSWAB® collection tubes you have in stock appears yellow-orange please return these to Labtests. Tubes with the expected pink-red coloured liquid can still be used.