Correct use of swabs for COVID-19 testing

Biohazard bag transport for COVID-19 swabs

Feedback has been received that transport media provided with the Noble Bio swabs is leaking.  This is not the case – the CTM will not leak if the lid is put back on correctly.


The lid must be screwed back on to the point where resistance is felt – and then past that, until a “click” is heard.

 NOBLE BIO – Clinical Virus Transport Medium (CTM)

Note:  the Noble Bio package contains two swabs:  the finer one is for nasopharyngeal swabbing, the larger one is an oropharyngeal swab.  Please use one swab per patient only and discard the other. 

The current Ministry of Health guidelines are to use the nasopharyngeal swab when testing for COVID-19.

These swabs have been validated for use by Auckland District Health Board.


There is currently a national shortage of Biohazard bags.  One bag per sample is sufficient from a Health and Safety perspective.  Please use only one.

Dr Gary McAullffe

Medical Director – Labtests and Northland Pathology                           

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