Labtests collection centre update – escalation to level 3

What does this mean for Labtests collection centres?

  • All skin prick testing is suspended until further notice.
  • Collections staff will wear a surgical mask, visor, and gloves.
  • A two metre social distancing policy is now in place, both inside the waiting room and outside the door.
  • Patients require masks to attend collection centres.
  • Patients who have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection e.g. coughs, colds, fevers OR who answer yes to any of the following screening questions will be declined entry to the collection centre:
  • Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 2 days?
  • Do you currently have any of the following:
  • Coughing       Feeling breathless       Sore Throat        Cold Symptoms       Runny Nose
  • Have you travelled outside of NZ within the last 14 days?
  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 or been in close contact** with a person with suspected or confirmed as COVID-19 positive in the 14 days?

If a patient answers “Yes” to any of the questions they will not be bled at the centre.  The patient will be advised to contact the doctor or medical centre who has referred them for the test.

The decision to defer the test until their symptoms are gone or after an appropriate time period and if appropriate arranging for a COVID-19 swab to be performed rests with the referrer.  If the test can’t wait then alternative arrangements for the patient to have their sample taken should be made. It is preferable that the referrer take the samples to be tested if they can.  If this is not the case and the sample is required please phone Labtests on 09 574 7399 and push option 3.   Labtests has limited resources for home visits. Each request will require a Pathologist approval. This process will be re-evaluated after one week.

All usual Saturday collection centres will be open this Saturday 15th August.

Mt Wellington is the only collection centre open on Sunday.

We will close 13 collection centres from Monday 17 August.  Please check our website for updates to this.  Any alteration to collection centres will be available via the messaging on our website home page

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