Lab Update – respiratory virus and thrombophilia testing

Respiratory virus testing in the Auckland and Northland community

Referrers should be aware that respiratory virus testing (including influenza) is not available for community patients.

Seasonal influenza outbreak is now well established. The numbers are such that LabPlus cannot offer testing of community samples. Please do not send any samples as these will not be processed.

Thrombophilia testing in Auckland and Northland

To bring inherited thrombophilia testing at LabPlus into line with current international guidelines and other laboratories, thrombophilia testing will only be performed in the following situations from the 1st  of August 2019:

  • Unprovoked venous thrombosis in patients 16-45 years old
  • Warfarin induced skin necrosis, children with purpura fulminans
  • Thrombosis in an unusual site (portal, cerebral, mesenteric NOT retinal, upper limb or catheter related)
  • Patients with an unprovoked venous thrombosis and a strong family history of unprovoked venous thrombosis
  • Siblings of patients with homozygous factor V Leiden or prothrombin mutations or a compound heterozygote
  • Potential solid organ donors
  • Patients with recurrent miscarriage ≥3 consecutive first trimester pregnancy losses or  ≥2 consecutive second trimester losses with no other cause (activated protein C resistance only)

If the request does not meet any of the testing criteria, and testing is thought to be appropriate, it must be discussed first with a clinical haematologist, whose name must then be clearly identified on the request form, along with clinical details.  For children under 16 please discuss with a paediatric haematologist.

A thrombophilia testing request form must be filled out with clear details of which criteria applies and, if other tests are requested, attached to the regular laboratory request form.

The form will be available to print out and complete from:

Should a sample be received without the form you will be notified with instructions on how to send the correct form directly to LabPlus. The sample will be held for two weeks.

Dr Gary McAuliffe
Clinical Microbiologist and Medical Director
Labtests and Northland Pathology Laboratory

Nicola Eaddy
Haematologist | Haematology Department | Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, LabPlus