Molecular testing for STIs in the Auckland and Northland Community

Molecular testing for sexually transmitted infections in the Auckland and Northland Community

A cluster of four unexpected STI results occurred at a single medical practice in March and May 2019.

Investigations have determined that in all likelihood a contamination event occurred at the practice in March, leading to subsequent false positive results.

Labtests will work closely with the practice to resolve this issue.

Results from other referrers have not been affected. However, all practitioners should be aware that false positive results can occur with STI testing; in our experience these are reported at a frequency of <1 per 10,000 tests performed.

Further information will be provided in the next Labtests newsletter.

Dr Gary McAuliffe
Clinical Microbiologist and Medical Director
Labtests and Northland Pathology
Telephone: 021 02157069