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Laboratory Updates for Referrers

We publish regular Laboratory operations newsletters to keep you informed of any changes in the laboratory. If further information is required, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Laboratory Update

11 May 2015

Click here to view Labtests proposal for a change to the processes around how repeat requests are managed.

Laboratory Update

3 November 2014

Click here to view the latest Laboratory Update containing information on the following:

  • Proposal for restricting faecal occult blood testing in the community laboratory
  • The use of 'First antenatal' code on request forms
  • Testing for Sirolimus and Calcitonin Assay
  • Histopathologists and Dermatopathologist previously working for Labtests
  • Updating practice referrer information with Labtests
  • Holiday period practice opening hours

Laboratory Update

1 September 2014

Click here to view the latest laboratory update containing information on the follow:

  • Reporting throat swab results
  • Measles
  • Changes to reference ranges for D-dimer, albumin and globullin
  • Non fasting lipids
  • Clozapine level requests
  • Using the right tube for the test
  • Updates to the Specimen Collection Guide

Measles Update

13th June 2014

Follow link for updated information on:

  • clinical scenario's
  • infectious periods
  • timing of investigations
  • Specimen tube type