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Patient Test Instructions

For the majority of tests there is no special preparation required.  Your health care professional will inform you of any specific requirements for your test, for example if you need to fast prior to the test.

Labtests provide a range of specialised tests, which due to their technical nature require special collection procedures or are only offered at specific collection centres.  - Please refer to "Collection Centres by Test Type" for locations

Patient Test Instructions are available here:

Blood Test Safety Information
Faecal Occult Blood Tests
Faeces for Culture
Fasting Blood Tests
Semen for Fertility
Semen for Post Vasectomy
Glucose Challenge Gestational Diabtests
Glucose Tolerance 2 Hour Test
Pinworm (Threadworm) Specimen Collection
Skin Sensitivity Test
Sputum Culture
Timed Urinary Microalbumin Tests
Urine for Culture
Urine for Creatinine Clearance and Cytology
Urine Collection for Chlamydia or TB Testing
24 Hour Urine for HIAA
24 Hour Urine Collection In Hydrochloric Acid Containers
24 Hour Urine Collection in a Plain Container

If you have any questions regarding these Patient Test Instructions, please Contact Us or call Labtests on 09 5747399