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Collection Centres 

Labtests has 56 Collection Centres across greater Auckland. Most centres are open from 7am to make early-morning fasting tests more convenient and improve patient access outside work hours.

  • 28 of our centres are 'super centres' designed to handle high volumes of patients.
  • At least 9 Labtests centres in each District Health Board region are open for Saturday collections
  • We have dedicated mobile phlebotomists to provide home services for patients who are eligible for this service.

Some specialised tests, including Mantoux, Fine Needle Aspiration, Skin Sensitivity Testing, Synacthen and Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTTs) require booked appointments. For further information, or to make a booking, please Contact us.  

Click here to view the amended hours for the Christmas/New Year period 2015-16

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18/11/15 Trichomonas vaginalis testing
9/11/15 Bleeding Times - Consultation
5/11/15 HbA1c - Delay non-urgent testing
15/10/15 First antenatal bloods and screening for diabetes - PINTO

Lab Update


  • New Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea Molecular test
  • Children presenting with a rash
  • Rotavirus
  • ESBL/AmpC prospective case-control study
  • New Aptima Specimen collection tube guidelines
 Changes to testosterone testing in males
 Changes to faecal occult blood testing

Laboratory Tours for practice staff

Medical practice staff are invited to tour our laboratory at Carbine Road.  Tours have finished for 2015 but will resume in February 2016.

The tour takes 2 and a half hours during which time you will see all aspects of the process from receipt of a sample and progress through the laboratory.  You will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered and you are guaranteed to come away with a better understanding of the laboratory process. 

Registration for a tour is required.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (09) 574 7379.

Collection Centres  

Locations and Opening Times

Click here to view amended hours for Christmas/New Year period 2015/16

The Scope - Issue 18

July 2015

The contents of this issue include:

  • Coeliac Screening: changes to current protocol
  • Scabies examination
  • Fungal collections
  • Throat Swabs in the Auckalnd community setting
  • Repeat test requests: process changes
  • Documentation of pregnancy status


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ESBL/AmpC prospective case-control study


 Massey University researchers, in collaboration with Labtests Auckland, are conducting a case-control study titled: “Is the family pet a risk for multidrug resistant bacterial infections?

The focus of this study is on risk factors for community-acquired multidrug resistant bacterial infections, where human cases infected with resistant bacteria (ESBL/AmpC E. coli or Klebsiella) will be compared to a population of healthy controls. This will enable investigation of the sources of multidrug resistant bacteria outside of hospitals and residential care facilities. As a result, we hope to provide important information for designing the best public health interventions in order to minimise the spread of multidrug resistant bacteria both within households and the wider community.

Full human ethics approval has been granted for this study (HDEC 15/CEN/47). Case and control participants are being recruited from Auckland and Northland regions from September 2015 until October 2016.

If you have any questions regarding this study, please call Massey University researcher Leah Toombs-Ruane on (06) 3569099 / 022 1357568 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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